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Outdoor Kitchens

We design, build and install outdoor kitchens with a variety of designs, features, appliances and materials.

A recreation area with barbecue is a great addition to any home. It is often hot in the house, and you don’t feel like sitting under the air conditioner. So a summer kitchen with barbecue is a great option for entertaining outdoors!

What are the advantages of a summer kitchen with barbecue
Cooking in the summer in a hot and cramped room enjoyment is very dubious. Summer kitchen creates a completely different feeling.

Tables, grill, sink look great if they are faced with stone, brick combined with granite. Wrought-iron chairs and tables, lighting devices will look elegant and elegant.

But the most important device in such a structure is a brazier. It can be made of red brick. Refractory material should be used for facing the firebox. Many prefer to combine a brazier, a barbecue and a smokehouse. Thus, at one time you can fry vegetables on the grid, bake a delicious kebab on the grill and smoke the fish in the smokehouse.

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