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Chimney Repair

MRT offers expert chimney cleaning, restoration and repairs. Our services include:

Chimney Sweep and Cleaning

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney Maintenance

For proper chimney maintenance, once a year you should have a basic inspection and cleaning done. For this, we will perform a visual inspection of the fireplace and the chimney without special equipment. A specialist will come to your house with a flashlight, looking for damage, obstacles or soot accumulation. If the pipe requires sweeping, we can use brushes, extension cords and vacuum.

A more thorough inspection should be done when buying a new home or after a severe weather event. This service includes an inspection of the chimney from inside, as well as visiting the roof and attic, looking for any problems, as well as the use of video scanning and other special tools. When we’re done, we will share the results with you, along with any recommendations for repairs along with estimates costs.

After inspection of the chimney, we have the tools and expertise to perform any needed repairs. This may include minor repairs, as well as the repair of a partially or completely destroyed chimney, or restoration of the chimney walls after serious damage.

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